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About Nanny Share

by Justin Jeffries

Nanny Share has been developed by several leading names in the UK childcare industry. Hopefully everything is self explanatory and you'll be able to sign up and start looking for families with similar needs, find a nanny and/or post a nanny job with greater ease than before.

Nanny Share helps parents meet parents

We help families across the UK find each other and reduce their childcare costs by sharing - we're very proud of that. It's almost obligatory at this point to say "in the current climate". Sharing has always been a good flexible childcare option. It's more so now in the days of the 'credit crunch'.

It's not essential you read everything about us to use the site, far from it. We've provided some more information on us and our history, the core Nanny Share team, a whole section of childcare advice for your family and other little bits that we hope you find useful.

Find a nanny sharer - like a dating site?

It might seem like an odd comparison as you're here to find childcare, or a family to share that childcare with, but Nanny Share works in a similar way to a dating site. You sign up, search family profiles, select families you like the sound of - then get in touch. It's that simple. You and your children might even make some great friends.

If you've got a question, try our reading our commonly asked questions page, or if you prefer, contact us.

We've helped thousands of families over the years

Sharing your nanny with another family could be the solution for you. If there's something you'd like to feedback to myself and the Nanny Share team, please contact us.

Using mulitiple websites to find your solution

If we're realistic we know you're going to knock on every door (or in this case website) to try and find what you need. We won't push you to use any of our partners or friends that operate within the realm of childcare. We might let you know they're out there, and any benefits you might receive by using their services.

Good luck. We're very happy if you decide to use us.

Our Friends & Partners
Tinies Childcare is the biggest and best chain of nanny agencies in the UK. Discount for Nanny Share parents recruiting a nanny. Check your local Tinies agency for info.
Emergency Childcare lets you book an emergency nanny, nursery or childminder with as little as 2 hours' notice, or up to 3 months in advance. 24/7 service.
My Family Care's HR Resource Pack provides help, advice, and ideas on what other companies are doing, before Shared Parental Leave comes into effect.
Good Care Guide allows families to search for and rate local care providers, including: agencies, nurseries, group childcare, and care homes.
Useful Resources
Nannytax is the UK's leading payroll support service for nanny employers. Nannytax helps transform the hassle of being an employer into peace of mind.
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"I signed up and within a few weeks was chatting to a really nice family close to us. Thank you so much". -- Mary, South London

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