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Commonly Asked Questions

by the Nanny Share team

The main reason mums and dads across the UK use Nanny Share is to find another family to share a nanny/childcare with. We've helped thousands of families find their flexible childcare solution and save money!

We've provided some childcare and nanny sharing advice on the website for parents. We hope you find some of it interesting.

Nanny Share helps parents meet other parents

Some families that find the Nanny Share website are looking for everything and anything that might be able to help with their childcare issue.

We're not able to answer every childcare question, though we'll do our best and try to point in the right direction where we can.

Below are some questions we commonly receive


You need to subscribe to access all features of Nanny Share: send and receive messages, add favourites and more!

Subscription costs £25 for 6 months

We donate 10% of our income to various charities, which in the past have included the Daycare Trust.


No - quite simply

We do not automatically take another payment after your 6 months.

Subscription costs £25 for 6 months. If you need us after that time, please log back in and pay again.


You get 1 free job when you create a Family Profile and subscribe. Subscription costs £25 and lasts for 6 months. Individual job postings cost £15 and last for 90 days on the Nanny Share website.

Please note that nannies looking for their next childcare role will be trying many different sites. Consider posting on our site and other websites to increase your chance of finding the perfect nanny for your family.


When logged in you've got 2 options... Click on 'Search & Email Options' let's you change your preferences.

Alternatively click 'View Profile' on the left and deselect the 'Include in Search' checkbox. It should be the bottom left part of your profile. That screen will show you how other families see your profile.


Nannies wages vary greatly across the country and due to a number of other factors: the type of share you arrange, location, type of position, how you recruit her.

What to pay your nanny? Download UK Pay Scales for Nannies

If you need someone to help you with this process or require advice, we recommend getting in touch with a local nanny agency.

Tinies nanny agencies are nationwide. Nannytax offer services that will help you deal with wages and payroll. Contact either if you're stuck. They have advisors on hand.


No. We get a lot of enquiries from parents thinking we're a nanny agency. Nanny Share recommends parents use Tinies Childcare.

Tinies is the biggest nanny and childcare recruitment agency in the UK. They have nanny agencies nationwide, so we hope they're able to help you if you decide to go down the agency route. Mention if you're subscribed to Nanny Share and ask about their discount.

If you don't want to use a nanny agency: post a Childcare Job online.


If you want to chat to other families, you can Sign Up, create a family profile and get 1 free job posting when you subscribe.

If you only want to post jobs, go to the Childcare Jobs section and click to Post a Job.


Registered families will get messages sent from the site in their Inbox.

Hopefully they'll be logging in regularly to check their messages (they can also choose to get notifications in their regular email).

Job applications

If you're applying for a job the email will go to whichever account they've specified.

Don't be offended

If you don't receive anything back, don't be offended. As best practise we'd advise families to at least send some sort of reply, but busy working parents may not always reply.


When logged click on 'Search & Email Options' to change your preferences.

Alternatively click 'View Profile' and deselect the 'Include in Search' checkbox.

It should be the bottom left part of your profile. This will remove you from Search results so other families won't find you. The page also shows you what other families see when they search and find you.


If you no longer wish to get email/notifications from Nanny Share, when logged in click on 'Search & Email Options' to change your preferences.

Our Friends & Partners
Tinies Childcare is the biggest and best chain of nanny agencies in the UK. Discount for Nanny Share parents recruiting a nanny. Check your local Tinies agency for info.
Emergency Childcare lets you book an emergency nanny, nursery or childminder with as little as 2 hours' notice, or up to 3 months in advance. 24/7 service.
My Family Care's HR Resource Pack provides help, advice, and ideas on what other companies are doing, before Shared Parental Leave comes into effect.
Good Care Guide allows families to search for and rate local care providers, including: agencies, nurseries, group childcare, and care homes.
Useful Resources
Nannytax is the UK's leading payroll support service for nanny employers. Nannytax helps transform the hassle of being an employer into peace of mind.
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