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by the Nanny Share team

Nanny Share gives you a way of finding local families so you can get together and share the costs of childcare. Whether you decide to hire a part time or full time nanny, find a local childminder, mothers' help or other childcare - it's all up to you.

Maybe you're already employing a nanny, but in the current economic climate you might need to try and reduce your costs. Sharing your nanny with another family could be the solution for you.


At Nanny Share we work hard to provide a safe online environment for our registered families, so you can focus on meeting other members. If there is an issue with a family profile, please click the link on their profile to alert our team.

We've compiled a list of safety tips for you below. Rest assured that if you do ever have cause for concern about another member's behaviour, then you can report them to us in confidence.


Finding families online is like online dating (a seemingly bizarre but accurate comparison) and it really isn't all that different from meeting people in the real world.

Some families you'll get on with, some you won't

We've had a large number of members make great friends and arrange shares that really worked for them.

The key thing to remember is that your personal safety initially is paramount, so trust yourself. The vast majority of people are here for the same reasons you are. If you're at all unsure about a person however, then don't take a risk.

  • Be in control.
    Nanny Share allows you to talk to other members anonymously. If you like the sound of a family you'll want to swap numbers, email addresses and then meet up, but make sure you're totally comfortable before you do
  • Be honest.
    Keep it honest from the start and you'll have a better chance of meeting a family with the same needs
  • Be aware.
    If you feel that another member is using the site inappropriately or has made you feel uncomfortable then alert us. You can also block any member from contacting you.
  • Ask for employment details and check they work where they say
  • Make sure you get a landline number for work and home, and then ring it
  • Verify their family details. What are your current childcare arrangements? Where were the children born? Which school will they go to? Which parks do they use? Do they go swimming? etc. There are any number of questions you can ask which should help satisfy you that the other parent is indeed genuine
  • Meet in public at first. We strongly recommend that your first meeting with any parents you have contacted through this website should be at a neutral venue, i.e. not at either of your homes. Families are of course here to find someone to share childcare costs – but use your own judgement and common sense when first getting to know another family
  • Do not give out any of your personal information UNTIL you have verified yourself that the other family's details are indeed valid
  • Tell your partner or a friend if they’re not going with you. You'll feel more comfortable if someone else knows where you are when you first meet
  • When appropriate, visit each other's homes. Of course if your children are going to be spending time with another family or in another home – you'll want to make sure you’re happy with the environment they'll be in.

If you ever have any concerns the Nanny Share team will be happy to hear from you. Contact us.

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